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Design a life you love with Fearless Whisper

Helping you create a life you truly want by overcoming self-sabotage


The heart knows the way. The heart knows how much love and care and compassion we deserve. And it tells us so, all the time. Through our intuition, through an inner whisper.

But the mind gets in the way, trying to protect us because it has been attacked and copes and defends. It builds stories about ourselves, a painful screeching noise that disturbs our very existence. 

It stops us from BEING who we want to be, HAVE what we want to have, GET what we want to get. 

And this is called self sabotage.

Image by Toa Heftiba

How does self-sabotage show up in life?

Self-sabotage shows up in these forms:

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Guilt

  • Self-doubt

  • Low self-esteem

  • Negative self talk

  • Negative emotions

...most of which stem from childhood traumas & experiences heightened by other adulthood experiences.​

And this is a never-ending loop. For example, the more self-doubt you have, the more you will sabotage yourself leading to further self-doubt.

How to break this loop?

I know it can be scary. But here's what I found in my fight against self-sabotage.

Self-Compassion. Self-empathy.


But before you reach there, the first significant step is awareness of your saboteurs. And then dealing with them one by one to observe where they stem from & healing them.


All while you reestablish the connection with your actual self. Free from sabotages, energetically working towards your life & living it fully.


Or as I like to say:

Reconnect with your inner whisper. Redesign your life fearlessly.

Shilka Agarwal_Shilka.jpg


I am Your Coach SHILKA A.

I know everyone says it, but I indeed had quite a difficult childhood and adulthood. I spend most of my 30 years of life in pure survival mode, coping with whatever traumas and difficult situations life threw at me. 

Depression, anxiety, extreme fear, tons of self-doubt, and deceased confidence with even self-destructive thoughts had become the central theme of my life.

I had so many plans and so many dreams, but I was different. Not like others who were okay with how society functioned, how women were treated, how men were treated, how fake we could be, and so on and so the risk of being called an activist even at a tender age. And hence struggled to find acceptance among family and friends.


My dreams and visions were invalidated. And I craved to fit in. To be normal. (You can listen to more about my need to fit in, in my podcast, link below)

After my MBA and 6 years of corporate experience, numerous visits to counselors and coaches, I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

I wanted to break the loop. And that is when I left my job in search of my inner whisper. And founded fearless whisper. I wanted to be fearless, I wanted to trust myself, my judgment, and my dreams, but had no idea how.

Coaching came to me as a serendipitous happening. And I never left. Because I found my answers here through Inner Child Healing, Spirituality Coaching, Speaking to heal, Life Design Techniques, and Expressive Arts for Fearless Expression. 

After 100+ hours of coaching and training experience, and several one-to-one & group training and coaching sessions with specialization in designing a holistic life through design thinking, I am glad I can bring about a change in the lives of my clients. (You can read my client's experiences in the testimonials). 

So if you are ready to start this journey too, toward rebuilding your life with conscious love and light, let's talk.

Image by Suzanne D. Williams

Coaching Results?

A transformation you always wanted

  • Know yourself better and tap into your inner wisdom

  • Be more YOU!

  • Design a life for yourself that feels more fulfilling and authentic

  • Be more self reliant and confident

  • Understand your emotions, feelings, needs and desires a lot more closely

  • Be able to express yourself to the world around you, fearlessly

  • Be rooted in your self love, self worth and self discovery

  • Find your faith in spirituality / your definition of God or a higher power in you

  • And lastly, get in touch with the child within you who is curious, creative and full with joy


“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

  • Take your first step towards a new way of living.

    45 min

  • Workshop to identify and build awareness on your own patterns that are...

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    499 Indian rupees
  • Explore your subconscious thoughts, emotions and feelings using expres...

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