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You are not your parents : A guide to rebuilding your life your way

31st August, 2021

Founder of Fearless Whisper, I am a storyteller, life coach & human behavior researcher helping people who are struggling with their own selves and want to discover and reconnect with their inner voice and rebuild their lives fearlessly. This book comes from a very personal space in my life. I hope you can appreciate the feelings and learnings depicted herein.

As a child, I thought I would maintain a notebook of everything that my parents did that I wouldn't do when I grow up. This came from a place of lack, longing, and hurt. I always knew that they were doing their best. Just that I wanted to be different as an adult on how I react to things or the decisions I make in life.
I didn't know then that I was getting conditioned for a further loss of confidence and clarity in life - a struggle with my own self. A decade of struggle pushed me into life coaching, the study of human behavior, and therapy to figure out what exactly was happening.

Through a story, lesson, task model this book is meant to heal you and shift your perspective once and for all. Shift your mindset from being a victim to your circumstances to a problem solver and strategist for your unique journey and most importantly - a dreamer!!

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