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I had the pleasure of attending Shilka's session on Empathy, and how to be an empath in an increasingly difficult world and thrive as one. The session was unique with regard to the perspectives it introduced and extremely insightful, with several practical suggestions that can be easily applied to our lives.
In this session, I noticed that Shilka had the ability to understand the pulse of her audience, and course-correct as needed, to ensure that the attendees got the most out of the session. This is a valuable skill. Also, as a true empath, she was able to make the session a safe space where people were able to share what they needed to share, without worry.
These skills will serve her well. Shilka is someone who has found her true calling, and is slowly building her own unique niche as a life coach and motivational speaker. I wish her the best!

Harshavardhan R.
Director, SME, e-GMAT


The session with Shilka was immensely helpful. Not only did it clarify my queries, but I could also trust her enough to open up about the challenges I was facing.
Shilka is great at what she is doing and I wish her all the best in her endeavour.

Sayantani Sarkar
Talent Attraction Partner at SAP Labs India


From understanding the pulse of the crowd, to relating to them, to making sure everyone is in a safe space, Shilka conducted an excellent workshop on empathy and how to use it as a superpower instead of you letting it bog you down. I totally loved the vibe and would recommend Shilka's excellent life-coaching skills to anyone who's in need of some perspective in life.

Lakshmi Andra
Digital Marketing Consultant


Shilka was amazing and I had an incredible coaching session with her, She helped me identify where I was keeping my limiting beliefs and also realized how our own language can hold us back from achieving our goals faster, I truly appreciate and enjoyed working with Shilka, her energy was very inspiring empowering. I highly recommend working with Shilka

Mariame Cisse
Coach for the disabled


love the energy Shilka has and change she wants to bring in others life.
do reach out to talk, discuss and share to understand yourself

Ashok Vishnoi
Bank of New York Mellon


One of the best life coaches that you will come across. Shilka is very precisioned and erudite and she takes responsibility to heal and recuperate people who are going through trauma.

Sohail Hoda



Before we had the session, I was really held back from sharing a few things. But you made me very comfortable to open up so easily. I didn't realize how time flew while talking to you. The session really helped me to introspect in an angle which I never thought of. It really helped me to build a different perspective. Thanks for the great session, Shilka. Really looking forward to how this is going to turn.

- Aneesha Repalle
Category Manager at Pristyn Care

Lakshmi Sudhish.jpg

Behind that  cute looks and sweet smile  lies a woman of grit and determination. I have followed her on FB live insta and what comes to me an extremely sensitive caring person  with a resolve to make a difference in everyone's lives. The way she gets to the core issue indicates how she can grasp an issue and can offer you a solution. Am so glad that someone as young as her is on such a path. Give me hope and joy! My dear Shilka Agarwal take a bow♥️

Lakshmi Sudhish, Life Coach


You are a great life coach, you helped and empowered me to know my strengths and weaknesses. The most important thing you taught me is to think positively and keep brainstorming to find solutions and keep moving forward. 
I am grateful to you for your guidance and friendship. Respect.

Aleem Quadri
Business Analyst


Learning from today's session... values are principles that are desirable, important, and essential. An alignment between our actions and core values produces satisfaction, a sense of happiness and fulfillment. Our actions should be linked to our system. Thank you very much for such a valuable session.

Gowwri Kumar, Entrepreneur


Shilka, I feel so good now, I would like to explain it as a homeless person in a January night... offered a comfiest, warm blanket... Even my past not so good days feel at peace 💖 thanku so sooo much! 
Today, I close my eyes to pray to God, not asking for anything but thanking him... for you.

​Pratibha Agarwal
Designer and Actor

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