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The Perfect Picture Called Life

If you don't know me, I am someone who drops her phone at every thud of life. And sometimes, just like that. This has cost me a lot of screen breakages and at times even new phones. So now I have been protecting my One Plus 6T for 2 years and 5 months with a really costly and mat-looking phone cover and screen guard. Smart move..!!

However recently, I have been realizing I need to change my phone. I would just see all the new phones my friends and family had which would take brilliant pictures. And this model was now outdated. I mean who doesn't want to capture a nice moment with a good camera. I had already started to look out for more phones that I could get on my birthday. And then something interesting happened...

I had recently been on a trip to Darjeeling with my cousins(I know it's not advisable but the good thing is we came back just fine). My sister was capturing pics and it struck me that her phone's model was a lower one than mine. But still, her phone took awesome pictures. Instead of trying to find out why I immediately started to whine about how my life was cursed. But when the whining subsided, I thought about removing the screen guard once to check. And Holla..!!! Just like that, I got a brand new phone.

It's crazy how sometimes we get so blinded by the shields we put up in life for our own selves thinking that we are protecting ourselves and our valuables, that we do not realize that we are not letting us breathe, not letting us live to the fullest, to the best of our potential. And then when we look at our lives, we feel bad about it. While all the time, our life was doing just fine, just like the phone was taking pictures just fine but it's our own guard which distorted the vision.

So sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone of whining about our quality of lives, and just try to remove a few guards to see the magnificence of life. We might fall a few more times and get up again would be harder, but all I know is- we would have given it all we have, without any filters. Maybe then we can capture the perfect picture of life.

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