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Clarity with Expressive Arts

Explore your subconscious thoughts, emotions and feelings using expressive arts

  • 2 hr
  • 1,499 Indian rupees
  • Online On Zoom

Service Description

For those who are finding it difficult to express themselves fully or want to get clarity on what they really feel about a situation, expressive arts can help you access your emotions and feelings with simplicity. This is something that you probably haven't explored after your childhood. As children we naturally expressed ourselves through art, be it painting on walls, or on paper, singing, dancing, or just moving, and sometimes just playing in nature. But growing up, with increasingly complex situations, it becomes difficult to understand ourselves. Expressive Arts creates an environment that will allow you to express your feelings in a form that you never thought could happen... …all the complex emotions that feel inaccessible, come in front of you, finding expression in the art - be it through mere words, or a crayon painting, a simple movement or poetry. Talking, though important, doesn't always solve it all. And expressive arts is not about telling you what is right or what you should do. It is about helping you give simple shapes to your feelings and emotions. While having fun! People talk about spending time with themselves. Try this. Feel the change. 💌 What Clients say: "I couldn't understand when the hour passed by or at what point I started crying. But now I feel that I know whats happening inside me. I feel good." "Thank you for today. I feel good about the fact that I spent that 1 hour for myself. Trying to understand myself . And the way I was able to understand and talk to my emotions was magical." 💌 Instructions for the session: * The session would be of minimum 2 hours ⏳ * We will be using a body inquiry(though a simple breathing practice), basic art mediums like crayons, water color or pastel colors on paper, pen for words, movements & gestures, all to your comfort, and a little beyond that 🎨 *This is a one-on-one session. Please ensure that you have a private space to yourself without disturbance for the entire duration of the session 💢 * You do not need to be an expert in any art form. The target is not to produce amazing art. It is to build awareness about yourself. Low skill & high sensitivity is the key to an expressive arts session 🎭 I have attached images (for which clients have given their kind permission) for you to check out what you could expect from the session. However, the possibility is limitless.

Contact Details

+91 9733052239

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