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Failure Story

How often do we want to change but just can’t?

That morning routine that we want to build, that food habit, no sugar, or maybe meditation…what is your failure story…

If you are a leader, you must have a failure story. Because chances are you have taken multiple risks and some of them might have not worked.

Because the thing with taking risks and being a leader is, you need to fail to learn to take the right ones.

It's honestly TRIAL & ERROR.

But what is life if you did not leap!!

I have left 4 jobs to finally find my calling of being a life coach and speaker. and the journey was full of failures.

However, I always knew that was meant to make a shift- a dent in the universe. And so I was never allowed to be comfortable.

If I didn't take a step, the Universe forced me to step out and explore and this happened till I found what I wanted.

I tried:

  • To play small

  • To be comfortable

  • To settle into a job

  • To do what others are doing

But honestly, nothing worked and nothing could give me that satisfaction that I craved for.

If you are a leader, I know your story would have also been similar. Or maybe you are still struggling to see that story building up.

If so, lookout for a different perspective. Find the things you can do and get through your fears to follow your unique path. The journey towards being your best self is not easy but is definitely VERY VERY fulfilling.

Also, you cant really settle into the small life, CAN YOU?

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