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The Toilet Seat Theory

The Toilet Seat Theory says that even if the people who used the toilet before you have dirtied it, the person coming after you will always think it's you. So it's important that either you don’t use the toilet at all or make sure it is clean when you leave it for the next person. However, you are completely safe if nobody has noticed you leaving the toilet.

So is the case with life. Either we can live and die silently without getting noticed. Or if we really wanna get noticed, the shit spread by people before we won't matter. What will matter is how much we could keep it clean. Else the next generation will always blame us for it. They won't take the time to understand what was before and what our forefathers did. They expect us to clean the mess and pass on a clean seat to them.

In such a case, if we keep on following what our parents/grandparents did, do not protest against or fight for what is right, how are we gonna pass on a clean toilet to our next generation? That is why I think, it's important to fight against conventions.

There are many religious dogmas and cultural barriers that we face. Most of us choose to be the silent person until and unless we are noticed. And once we are noticed, we behave like life is too tough to stand for our own selves. The realities of life strike us and basically, we have all our excuses and defense systems ready to justify our actions. But if you really want to do something worthwhile, stand for what's right and try to cleanse society and your surroundings and your life of all that you think should not exist.

This is another reason why I wrote the book "You are not your parents". It's crazy how we keep doing the same things that we once didn't like or be the people we didn't want to be like. We can create a society of newly rounded and more evolved individuals if we can get over our parental patterns and discover our unique identity. And the responsibility of this change lies with us.

They say change begins at home. I would say change begins in your own toilet. Be careful of what you teach the generations to come. It will make or break society. There is no point blaming the previous user. It's important what you leave for use for the ones to come.

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